Producer and Assistant Team

MOTO producers are well known as the most experienced professionals in China. We integrate full pack of production resources (e.g., casting, catering, styling, set build, props/wardrobe) into one stop service to keep our photographers and clients sufficiently satisfied.

Our full time assistants provide the most reliable shooting support. They are bilingual professionals with international standards, and they are the nice and fun guys and gals you’d love to work and hang out with, not to mention they are even good looking. We have cooperated with a number of worldwide photographers including Andreas Burz, Lorenzo Agius, Daniel Hartz, Mitch Jenkins, Uwe Duettmann, Emir Haveric, Marc Trautmann, Patrick Curtet, Mike Yamashita, Zena Holloway and many others.

MOTO Houses, under MOTO Group, offer you the best professional studio and equipment rental services in both Beijing and Shanghai.

Photographer Agent

We have successfully introduced more than 50 oversea photographers to China since 2011. Most of the photography categories have been covered by our roster. With increasing and promising opportunities, we are keeping looking for more talented artists to discover the Chinese commercials world with us. Please contact us at

Location Scouting

MOTO has the best scouting team in China. Check out our location library and contact us for a lot more. You will be amazed seeing such stunning locations in China.

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